Using the iPad….

I purchased an iPad (32GB wifi) at the beginning of September and didn’t realize how much I’d be wanting to use it in the classroom and how much I’d wish that my school could go to 1:1 iPad classrooms, at least in my classroom.

I attended the 2011 SDCUE conference this year and found out how I can bring my iPad into the classroom.  Since the purchase and since the conference, my iPad has allowed me to:

1) For my lesson plan on the anniversary of 9/11, I was able to pull up the Time Magazine iPad app containing the 10th anniversary edition which included video and audio interviews of people affected by 9/11, in this case I showed the video interview of Bob Beckwith talking about the President visiting Ground Zero and standing next to him.  Also, they had a collection of photographs from the days after the attack on Ground Zero and with the swipe of your finger “painting on the picture” would reveal a modern picture of the same place.

2) I have also recently used my iPad as a digital white board thanks to Splashtop Whiteboard App  Thanks to my students being very flexible when things don’t go right, I have been able to mark up maps, power points as well as draw quick pictures relating to history/literature pieces we use in class including Sundiata and Popol Vuh

3)  I also use Explain Everything a couple different ways.  I use it to show instructions for tests and some assignments.  I have also used it to discuss observation notes with a teacher I am mentoring.


Now if only I could get free money so my classroom could be 1:1 iPad 🙂

Here’s to a great week!


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Trevor A.

Social Studies Teacher / Librarian, Educational Technology Specialist, M.Ed Candidate Educational Technology (CSULB)

2 thoughts on “Using the iPad….”

  1. Thanks for this post! I Have just been given an iPad from the school division and am looking for great ways to use it. It’s always helpful to hear what others are doing.

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