Peardeck and FlipGrid


PearDeck is a tool that can be used to solicit feedback or measure learning during presentations.  Using either Powerpoint or Google Chrome, questions can be asked to participants before, during, or after presentations.  Students are able to respond using text or numbers, drawing, multiple-choice questions, and drag-able items to label an image.  Items submitted can be reviewed by the instructor and then showed anonymously for discussion and review. Once the presentation is finished, a document can be made for each student (if using Google Slides/Docs) for review later.

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FlipGrid is a video curating platform for students to record and respond to questions and prompts.  Students use personal devices to record videos anywhere between 30-90 seconds. Once completed they can add stickers and drawings over their video.  Videos are reviewed and can be posted for class review and responses. Students are able to respond to other’s responses. Teachers are able to grade the responses in person as well.  For students that may have difficulty or apprehensiveness writing, this is a different modality for students to show learning or to discuss topics.

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