Course Descriptions

Below is a list of the courses completed during my matriculation at California State University, Long Beach.

ETEC 510 – Foundations of Educational Technology and Media

Introduction to technology and media use in education and training. Overview of theoretical approaches, research trends, major developments, and prominent issues in the field. Incorporation of social, historical, psychological, and philosophical perspectives in the study of technology and media.

ETEC 523 – Information and Digital Literacies

Information and digital literacies; principles and theories for integrating technologies into learning environments to improve planning, designing and implementing learning experiences; issues of technology planning, collaboration, and assessment; and digital citizenship. Course meets Level II Technology Standards.

ETEC 525 – Digital Culture and Society

Critical examination of social and cultural implications of information technologies and media. Issues of cultural bias, equity, and questions of who benefits from particular technologies. International applications and implications of information technologies.

ETEC 551 – Education and the Internet

Survey of educational applications throughout the Internet. Characteristics of teaching and learning mediated through the Internet; analysis and design of Internet-based learning activities; design and development of online courses; implementation, management, and administration of online learning.

ETEC 570 – E-Learning Design and Development

Introduction to e-learning design and development, including project management, instructional analyses and strategies, software selection, and evaluation. Interactive multimedia development applications, processes, and principles. Design and production of technology-enhanced instruction.

ETEC 540 – Organization of Resources

Theories of organizing resources; rationale and use of library catalogs; principles and practice in classification and cataloging applied to information organizations; technical processing and organization resources; managing collections and their access.

ETEC 545 – Reading for Leisure and Learning

Selection and use of a wide variety of literature and informational texts to reinforce literacy instruction; reading promotion for learning, personal growth and enjoyment.

ED P 400 – Introduction to Educational Research

Explores a wide range of research methods used in education. Topics include traditions, theories, approaches, and applications of qualitative and quantitative research methods.

ED P 595 – Qualitative Research Methods in Education

Examination, analysis, and application of qualitative research methodology including various types of methods, designs, data collection strategies, data analysis and presentation of findings techniques; qualitative research study construction.