Student Learning Outcomes

As a graduate student in the Master of Arts in Education, Option in Educational Technology and Media Leadership program, at California State University, Long Beach, the Student Learning Outcomes listed below are what guided my studies in this two year program. Please click on each for evidence and reflection of each SLO.

Student Learning Outcomes

SLO #1
Apply knowledge of multicultural, ethical & legal issues pertaining to using ICT with the global community.

SLO #2:
Synthesize leadership principles within the practice of information and educational technology.

SLO #3
Apply instructional design principles to design and develop educational materials.

SLO #4
Integrate theoretical perspectives to review, interpret, and apply research in educational technologies.

SLO #5
Demonstrate effective written, electronic, and oral communications that reflect critical thinking and information literacy. 

SLO #6
Locate, assess, and apply online resources to create learning experiences.

SLO #7
Promote reading for learning, personal growth, and enjoyment.

SLO #8
Organize collections according to standard library cataloging and classification principles.