In the Classroom


Students in AVID 11 not only worked towards college preparation through SAT practice, but they also completed a college video tour, learned practical skills like learning how to tie a neck tie, and completed team building challenges, like the Pringle challenge.

AP Government

AP Government was the course I knew that I wanted to teach. Content used for students to absorb information was passed down from a colleague, however I felt it important for students to be able to take their knowledge learned and tinker, play, process it to complete related tasks. The shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was analyzed through the different political organizations and methods of participation in the U.S. Government by doing a World Cafe. Upon completion of a reading about the whether or not to abolish the electoral college, students completed a double socratic seminar to debate the central questions. Students would also explore the campus looking for examples of local, state and federal mandates to analyze Federalism on their campus.

7th Grade World History

For 8 years, my classroom was the home for 7th Grade World History. A select collection of lesson plans and student work can be found here.