SLO #2

Synthesize leadership principles within the practice of information and educational technology. For example, collaborate with educational partners to support student learning

ETEC 525 – Discussion Section Facilitation

This facilitation was the first time leading a discussion board/posts for a small group during this program. I definitely stumbled in this one as I felt unsure of how to continue discussions posts; though later learning to just speak on a group members point and maybe connecting it or giving a “thinking” question to further guide discussion to them or any member in the group. I also find it “too easy” to give the questions that do not really pertain to the text; the ones that you would use for any text like “What surprised you the most?” or “What did you agree with?” Though that may have been easier due to the myriad of texts, some of which were optional, in coming up with questions for text that group members did not even read.

ETEC 530 – One Year PD

This project grew out of a presentation seen at the 2019 San Diego CUE Conference. For a district that has an educational technology department that is non-existent, this platform could bridge that gap. I chose this artifact for it shows taking concepts of leadership and systems into the real world by putting together this project. Through what I learned in the program, it now comes next to take this to stakeholders to look towards implementation and feedback.

One Year Online Professional Development Platform