SLO #3

Apply instructional design principles to design and develop educational materials

ETEC 523 – Webquest

I have used web quests in my teaching before, but have never created one. I am proud of this one and feel it would have been a worthy lesson for my 7th grade curriculum. I did take 523 and 570 out of order or else I would have used this a part of my hybrid course.

Access the web quest here
ETEC 570 – Transcendent Technology Chapter Book Talk

My first video, book presentation done digitally. This artifact was created to share with others to sort of jig-saw a book where we had to present on a section of a book and learn from others. I have included this in my portfolio because one of the hallmarks in self or group presentations is not just rehashing the book, synthesized into whatever parameters are required. Instead, I try to make connections in the text or have something standout, in this case a connection to Reba McEntire, Hackers and Wicked.