SLO #4

Integrate theoretical perspectives to review, interpret, and apply research in learning technology

ETEC 510: Diffusion Analysis

The diffusion analysis below is included because it was the first time to do an active interview of a research subject and to me, exemplified why I joined this program. I was already an educational technology specialist, but I felt that a Masters in the subject would allow me to learn how to research and analyze “tech.” In this case, it was to analyze the diffusion of an application, Illuminate, at the school setting to gain insight as to reasons why it was not widely used.

ETEC 525: Action Research

This research included teacher collaboration, seeking volunteers for participation and creating materials for the use of a new technology project. However, due to strict deadlines and district systemic checks on using students as research subject, plus a new platform thoroughly delayed due to new policies being written as to adoption of new technology by the district, I was not able to see the research finalized as I ended up not having any subjects. However, this, along with many different research projects attempted were done as they were relevant to my local school site and as my role as a teacher-librarian. Even though I fell flat with this research since I did not have participants, it is still important to showcase as I will be able to use it as a guide.