SLO #5

Demonstrate effective written, electronic, and oral communications that reflect critical thinking and
information literacy.

ETEC 510: Literature Review

Below is my first literature review in my first class of this program. Looking back, I remember how difficult I felt this was, even texting to my partner who was going to edit my draft “God help whoever has to read this!” The text below is as I had submitted the assignment, so looking back I see the occasional errors but still did a decent job, earning a 94.1% on the final grade.

This report reflects on my first official assignment as a student in practicing my ability to take various research, synthesize, and analyze the findings to report in writing on a topic. For this project, research from different parts of the globe, using diverse populations of participants combined to speak on the barriers to integrating educational technology in the classroom through this literature review.

ETEC 523: Digital Citizenship Podcast

In this assignment, I struggled with the stringent time constraint. I also did not realize that Garage Band, the app I used to record the podcast, showed time in measures, not seconds. Thus, there are two versions of this podcast episode, the original and one edited for time.

This assignment required the transmission of information in a new medium for new teacher, audio only podcast. Instead of the old teaching reliable of a PowerPoint and information in a visual format, the challenge was to create a compact information source using only audio tools and delivery. Further, the podcast was created as a quick listen episode that required referencing a website, then selecting the most critical content to include in the episode. Paring down the recording further was necessary once I realized that the original was double the required length.

The original, unedited version.
The trimmed down format.

ETEC 525: Group Book Presentation

For this assignment, my group created a book presentation using the book Soonish: Ten Emerging Technologies That’ll Improve and/or Ruin Everything by Kelly Weinersmith and Zach Weinersmith. The presentation had to connect to that week’s readings from Inner City to the Global Village: The Emergence of Electronic Communities of Learning by Jim Cummins and Dennis Sayers and The Ten Forces that Flattened the World by Thomas L. Friedman. This project allowed my group members to bring their expertise to present this book beyond simply restating what each chapter covered. Interactivity included collecting responses through PearDeck and the class working in small groups to bring the technologies back to the classroom.

This assignment forced my group members and me to pull away from a simple book report restating facts. While we did present through a slides presentation, interactivity was involved by having participants respond to prompts during the presentation. Further, participants had to think critically about how these innovations may impact their teaching practice and student usage if/when they become available during a group debrief session.

ETEC 525: Group Book Presentation

ETEC 551: EdTech Comparison – Web Building Tools

This video project required a video demonstration comparing two website building tools. For this particular video, those tools were Google Sites and Word Press to allow users to make websites for content creation. This assignment first required scouring the internet for ideas on what to show. A document with curated links and text allows for an easier demonstration to focus primarily on the tool itself. Further, analysis of the ease of use of each tool spoken while demonstrating the website builders allow the viewer to compare and contrast which tool would be more beneficial for their purposes. However, one issue would be the sense of urgency done by speeding up the videos content with my voice over at normal speed.