SLO #5

Demonstrate effective written, electronic, and oral communications that reflect critical thinking and
information literacy.

ETEC 510: Literature Review

Below is my first literature review in my first class of this program. Looking back, I remember how difficult I felt this was, even texting to my partner who was going to edit my draft “God help whoever has to read this!” The text below is as I had submitted the assignment, so looking back I see the occasional errors but still did a decent job, earning a 94.1% on the final grade.

This report reflects on my first official assignment as a student in practicing my ability to take various research, synthesize, and analyze the findings to report in writing on a topic. For this project, research from different parts of the globe, using diverse populations of participants combined to speak on the barriers to integrating educational technology in the classroom through this literature review.

ETEC 551: EdTech Comparison – Web Building Tools

This video project required a video demonstration comparing two website building tools. For this particular video, those tools were Google Sites and Word Press to allow users to make websites for content creation. This assignment first required scouring the internet for ideas on what to show. A document with curated links and text allows for an easier demonstration to focus primarily on the tool itself. Further, analysis of the ease of use of each tool spoken while demonstrating the website builders allow the viewer to compare and contrast which tool would be more beneficial for their purposes. However, one issue would be the sense of urgency done by speeding up the videos content with my voice over at normal speed.