SLO #6

Locate, assess, and apply online resources to create learning experiences.

ETEC 570 – 4 week Hybrid Course – The Renaissance

In taking 570 in my first semester, this piece in of itself is a great reflection piece. This course was created without the building blocks and concepts learned in other courses that make up the curriculum of the program. Had I completed other coursework prior, this course may have looked much different. For example, using the Black Plague Web Quest created in ETEC 523. I am proud of this artifact as sort of a pre-assessment of skills at the start of the program, but recognize much growth beyond this as well.

Introduction Video for the Course

Course Syllabus, References and Justification

ETEC 523 – Infographic

This artifact shows the possibility of bridging the divide between core content teachers and librarians. There is always a struggle of being a teacher-librarian and not wanting to impose onto teachers. Thus it is necessary to come up with marketing and information on the more passive side of librarianship. One of those tools could be passive marketing like this one.