SLO #7

Promote reading for learning, personal growth and enjoyment.

ETEC 545 – Malala Graphic Novel

Coming into this program, I did not think that graphic novel creation would be a part of the curriculum. From someone who has never really read comic books or graphic novels, this program has made me the biggest advocate for use of graphic novels. This assignment shows the possibility of a culminating object that could easily be implemented for ANY curriculum. Further, graphic novels are excellent access of literacy for students and are really for anyone.

ETEC 545 – Nevertheless She…

As librarian, it has become apparent that getting books into students hands and publicizing those titles must happen in many different ways. In an exchange with my field experience partner, we noted that librarianship falls into passive and aggressive librarianship, though perhaps for the latter, it is better to say assertive librarianship. This artifact below is one created in Canva that can be use multiple ways including as a poster/digital slide in the library as well as through social media accounts.