SLO #8

Organize collections according to standard library cataloging and classification principles.

ETEC 540: Lesson Plan

A great check on your organization of the library is to practice with students how to access the library and examine the cataloging and classification. This lesson below is geared towards middle schoolers whom are visiting the library for the first time. The direct instruction teaches them how libraries are organized and the anatomy of a book spine and its labels, I always am more excited to see student interact with the library and materials through the digital scavenger hunt. The hunt allows students to work in teams, bouncing ideas and having built in support from others that limits their need to ask me questions. I chose to include this lesson for it allows students to sort of break the mold of a library that must be quiet at all times. Finding out information is gamified through a scavenger hunt that includes some missions more for the amusement of the teachers. This lesson is pretty common in my repretoire but has been adapted, with support of a classmate, for getting to know the library.

Eastlake Library Genrification Project